Sunday, January 16, 2011

Slacker Nation anthem...Knock on Wood


Bahbayba wooooooo Ba ba ba beeee.

Dunno why. I just love this song....

I used to read the blog of a very very very industrious person. It seemed as if every blog entry was documented with all of their various projects complete with photos.

It made me tired just to read it.

After a while it seemed as if I had no other choice. I stopped writing those stupid "to do" lists and resolutions and just did stuff. Today for instance I've been surfing the web trying to find something to wash my clothes in. I tried going-shopping for one but I just keep coming to the same notion - "Why, oh why, am I here with aching feet and grouchy WB when I could be at home doing this on the web while I watch Emma Stone in this most excellent movie."

So, after being taken out to eat and entering a griping match with WB?

I went home and got some sleep.

At least I can be comfortable while I grumble about the cost of these machines. I could take the laundry to laundrymat, watch a movie, and surf the web while I grumbled.

In my comfy pants. There'd be a movie, narrowed choices, AND most importantly I'd have clean towels tomorrow. Did I do that yesterday? No, no yesterday I threw my good sense out the window for a chance to ride in the truck to the nearest town so that I could walk around and have a b8tch session.

Not good.

Now the night before that? We ate at a really good Japanese restaurant so it was worth it but last night?


Of course I did get to go to Body Works and there was a sale ...

Hugs Slackers.

Be glad that we live in the age of the Internet.


Now if you'll all put on your comfey pants, pour yourself something good to drink, pull out the snacks, and join me in the Slacker Nation anthem -

LOL Rattle them pots and pans???

You better knock on wood :D



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