Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lucidity 2.o


"What would your life look like if you didn't have a worry in the world? Get a vision of yourself as a completely carefree person, and then analyze the vision — there is magic and direction there."

Holiday Mathis, Jan 1st, 2010


She stood there on the point of time.

There amongst all the other points in time.

With people standing still.

On a bubble.

Such is life.

It seems so real and yet it's a fragile as the bubble she was standing on.

She thought about the physics of it.

The chemistry.

The alignment of molecules that could only be that way because lets face it they were molecules and a moody sort.

They did what they did because they just did.

No other explaination.

But for some reason this was different standing there.

For her there seemed to be a choice.

A moments hesitation that was actually more like a life time.

What to do?

She stood looking ahead of her and looking behind.

Grabed both by the arm and pulled.


by c ford



all rights reserved by the author

" No one can be just like you, least of all you. You'll try to execute a job or performance the same way you did last time, and it's not the way it will go down. But the new way is good, too, for different reasons. "

I thought about all this. What would I do? If I could do life over again. There are many things I'd not change. People that I've known and know who I'd gladly know again even knowing how things would eventually work out.


There are things that I'd change. At the moment? The choices are clear.

I'm writing again. Maybe it's like a bicycle or sex. The experiences might have changed but the process is the same. Maybe my time at 12 dogs wasn't a waste.

What would I do if the choice was all mine to make?

Lemmie think on it.

In the meantime?

I'll write.


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