Thursday, October 10, 2013


Ya'll you know those dream bubbles?  We'll some of them had BAD dreams in them. Woke up at 4AM from bad dream.  Now the dogs are barking and scary.



Update. The fella I thought was a jerk. The one I wrote about. The one who used is disability to manipulate people into doing what he wanted them to.  Well he's back.  He was delightfully AWOL for months and now he's back.  It's awful.  I wish that he'd go away and find other people to pester.


PS I don't dislike him because of his disability. Nope. I don't like him because he uses people with his disability.  :(

Good news? My son is back from his trip. Yay.  I missed him but I think that he had adventures with his dad.  Double yay.

Off to see stats.

WB says maybe I might be in trouble because I said President V Putin looked "hot" in his photos. My son wondered if I'd get in trouble for writing that Prez Putin was going an excellent job handling his pole.  (fish pole idio see previous blog posts.)


I'm sitting here writing and keeping out of trouble.



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