Tuesday, October 8, 2013



Can't you feel it?

That slight studder, that shutter, in the force of life. Not as great as that shake known as an earthquake. This is more like the shutter in a heart when it skips a beat. When something surprises and you drawn in a quick breath of relief or not.

You looked me in the eye with that look that said, "What's the use."  Meanwhile your mouth is simultaneously moving and talking with some kind of hope that you'll be wrong.

I know.

I know about what you are talking about. I just wish you knew that I knew. Your eyes keep saying, "Please know."  I'm not sure why when I say, "No worries, I might not know everything but what I don't know I can look up. Why are you so sad?"

Lol. I'm here.

It's the differences that make it interesting.

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