Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Okay now pay attention, Gentle Readers.  

One, I have to go to the bathroom.

Two, there is someone from the UK that's been reading my blog.

I don't have lot of time to fool around here.  My bladder can only stand so much torment.

I'm going to ask to the point if the Gentle Reader from the UK thinks that they know me.

UK is a big place.

If you do?

(I hate to be crude here but I'm wiggling in my chair.)

To the person in the UK.  If you think you know me then  "grow a pair" and comment.

That is what the comment section is for.

Or tweet.

Or email.

I hear they still have carrier pigeons.

But for Heaven's sakes, say  "Hello."

If not.



I love good surprises, long walks on the beach, and animals.

Partial to horses (can't afford one), boats, and ....

We'll if you do know me?

You can certainly figure out how to find me.

(In a few moments, I'll be in the bathroom.)



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