Saturday, October 12, 2013

 Man o man.

Missed the wedding.

I'm sure that it was a beautiful occasion.  The bride was probably lovely and the groom probably looked as if he'd been on the "three hour tour in a hurricane" boat ride.  Green.  I've honestly never seen him happy any of the times I've seen him since the wedding announcement.
The man is supposed to be marrying the love of his life.
Lol. You'd think he'd be happy.

I'm not anti wedding. If you really do love someone, I imagine that it's a pretty good state to be in.  I just don't see a lot of happy in relation to marriage. I keep hearing that in marriage, as in life, to be successful you have to make the best of the situation.  I have seen happily married where both parties really are happy.  My maternal grandparents seem to be happy.

Anyway I woke up at what I thought was one hour before the ceremony.  Turns out that was the hour when it was supposed to have begun.  I think that maybe that was divine providence though. I thought about it and if the preacher asked, "Does anyone know any reason that these two should not be married..."  I might have stood up and said, "I do. Marriage as practiced today is stupid."

Instead I got one hour of sleep and an honest excuse for why I didn't attend.

Also? Last night I turned off the LLS in the middle of tweets.  I tried again to watch it today but still turned off the show.  I'm thinking of recording Jimmy Fallon and then watching it in the AM. It would be kind of a snarky Today Show where the Matt Lauer character is funnier and not bald.

Weird but I thought that I'd be really sad about this but turns out I'm pragmatic about all of it. It's good to have things, living and inanimate, that you care about.  Craig Ferguson seems miserable. The groom looks like he's going to war.  I have things to do that really do make me happy.

I win.




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