Saturday, October 12, 2013


So here's the thing.

Today is National Coming Out Day.

I had a friend ("... had..." because he's now dead from AIDS) who was 'happy'.

I loved that man.  (Plutonic because he wasn't interested in me. Not that way.)

He was the person who introduced me to dance and Martha Graham.

I would watch that man dance and just be happier than I thought was possible.

He was openly gay.

Never apologized for it.

Always hoped for that great love of his life.

Didn't happen.

Why write about it now?

Well I was looking to see who was reading my blog and it would seem that some Gentle Reader must think that  I am 1) gay or a guy and 2) interested in porn "gymnastics"

You would be 1) wrong and 2) wrong.

Not interested and not interested.

I like sex with the opposite sex. If you knew me you'd know that I was celibate. Have been for a long time.

My friend?  He told me that someday he was going to meet someone who he was in love with and hand and hand they'd go to a clinic to go get tested for AIDS and then live happily ever after.

He did get tested but he never got the happily ever after.

I don't need porn.  Like my friend?  I need a relationship.

And for the record, to whoever thought that I'd be interested in porn involving anything?

I'm not.

This isn't one of those indignant comments. It's actually a very quiet and serious reflection about my friend on National Coming Out Day and how he spent his whole life hoping for a relationship.

Sex is easy and cheap.

Love is precious.  Worth more than gold.

I just don't need angry or screwed up people in my life at the moment.

I need friends who love me and will miss me when I'm gone.

I need stable, happy, and laughter.

So do you Gentle Reader who came here from that porn site.

I think that you need stable, happy, and kindness as much or more than I do.


I won't kick you out of this blog. Instead?

I hope for you a kind day?

'Cause porn is kind of sad and demeaning to people no matter what their sexual orientation.



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