Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Happy List...


One other thing on the list?

I collect college lit textbooks and Norton's Anthology books. LOL I don't know why. Guess I always wanted to take the college lit courses but wasn't able to because of all the science courses. Just never seemed to be time.

And then?

I like to read the lessons and try to answer the questions.

Yeah, to some folks it seems lame but I'm happy with it.

Add it to the Happy List.


1 comment:

  1. So that there's not a misunderstanding.

    I've had "several college phases".

    The first? I was very young. It's was all science.


    The next?

    That was the computer phase because of a course that I took during the science phase. Unfortunately I broke up with a person who made me absolutely dislike the town.

    So I moved.

    Far far far.

    Which lead to the art phase.

    Two of them

    The first part was just basic art. I was too busy trying to figure out who I was.

    Lucky me that I had a terrific roommate who was a dance major.


    Then I took this turn in my life.

    And I ended back with the person that caused the previous move and wonder of wonders in the city that I vowed never to visit again. (Not a good idea to say never.) Anyway I found myself taking art classes and thinking that sculpture was in my future.

    Little did I know.

    So many years later I find myself in a beach chair in the middle of the living room - uhm - thinking about my options.

    Sure I thought about going back to art but you know what?

    I might not be able to spell.

    Sometimes the subject verb agreement doesn't work?

    And mercy don't judgements based on THIS blog.


    I like to write.

    No more college phases.


    Unless I could maybe take one of those college lit courses. I'm thinking that I might already have the text book.