Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Happy List


A love song LOL

You know if this is a "happy list" food is eventually going to show up here.

But not for the reason you may think...

My "luxury treat" is going to the local "meat and 3" restaurant. First off you'll have to know what a "meat and 3" is. It's common if you live in a small town to find them. The menu has a special where you get one meat and three vegetables for a fized price. The one here is great because they also have a salad and a dessert. The food is really good. Homey. There's one that only serves turkey and dressing on Sunday and they're always packed.

The food is good for everyone because you can get a vegetable plate if you're a vegetarian.

There's another reason why I like the place.

It's the people.

Like the "dollar store" this is a cross roads. All kinds of folks eat here. After church folks, hunters, families, tourists. It's great. One day I walked went there after cleaning the dog kennels smelling - ripe. It was my treat for the trouble. I apologized to the person who rang up my meal and she said (I'm not kidding) "Not to worry. Hard work isn't something to apologize for."

Same thing happened at the "dollar store".

Also there's folks you see there that you don't see any other time.


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