Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Happy List


The Happy List

Ya'll the world's just gone nuts.

People are angry and Mother Nature is just menopausal,.

It's cold and the washing machine just gave it up.

All seemed lost.

Then I found The Happy List.

I've been writing mine this morning. Actually I started last night when I decided to go to bed early. Sleep or not, I was going to be bathed. clothed in warm clothes, and under the covers before midnight. So I did.

Saying a thankful prayer that I had a roof over my head and folks who gave a dam that I was still alive.

Then I got up this morning to see what the world was up to.

What a difference.

I wasn't so tired and there was this same determination to take all this UNhappy, grab it by the "horns" and then kick it in the nuts. Yeah, I know that there are some who may say that this is harsh but I did it. I grabbed it, shook it, kicked it in the nuts, and then hugged it.


I started writing my Happy List.

This is the fact part of 12dots not to be confused with the fictional part.

Just so you'll know.

I think that tractor is sexy.

Whoo boy.

A reminder that there's still a sense of humor in all the crazy bad of life.

.And now?

The Happy List

My family, even though they aren't really happy to see me coming.

My PawPaw and MawMaw. Two people who lived their life together for over 60 years and who loved each other till the very end. Thank you so much for telling us "Ya'll come on. Key's under the mat and there's food in the fridge.

We'll leave the lights on the porch for you."

And you did. I can't think of a time when I wasn't welcome.

Same to WB's grandmother and his brothers. What a calm in that storm. We all miss you very much.

My mother and father. You're still here. There's still time.

(I dreamed about you both last night. Thank you. I love you too."

Billy and David and Newt and Aunt Elsie and...

(lol this sounds like some award's show thank you. It's not. These are the people and experiences that have made me smile. The ones in my real life who've made me happy.)

The time Daddy and Momma took us in their sailboat out to Ship Island. I can still remember sitting on the deck with Pup drawing in the little sketch book. Tweet in her bird cage hanging from the boom. You and Mamma and WB enjoying the breeze. How hot the sand was and talking to the Math teacher while we were waiting for our feet to cool off.


LOL Tweety. Taking a bath in my hands at the sink. Sitting on my shoulder and that first time she hopped on my finger.

The Gulf of Mexico and now the Lakes. LOL When I went to see the Gulf after alot of years. There was a hurricane out in the Gulf and a the BP oil spill but I was still going to see it. It was the Fourth of July and I was feeling liberated. Nothing not even an oil spill or a hurricane was going to keep me from going in that water.

So I did.

Was it a picture perfect moment?

LOL Nope.

Gulf wave "bitch slapped me" into the water. LOLLOLOLOL Knocked me right into the water.

A gentle reminder that the as much as you can love the Gulf of Mexico? You don't take it for granted. Sometime? It's a good idea to stay on the shore and sometimes it's a good idea to hop on the boat. LOL

The first time I laughed out loud like I used to.

Decorating this Christmas and eatthing Thanksgiving lunch after years of that sad because it always seemed wrong to be completely happy after the sad. Finally I could remember what complete happiness felt like. It's good. Like a smile or a hug from a friend.

Like I used to before Pup's brother died. There was this release and then that sad part of me was filled with love.

Writing something that was indeed what I intended to say.

The nice people at the churches and the folks I've met because of them.

Yeah, I said it.

The fella who put in the drive and the fellas who put in the fence.

(Yes, you are nice. Admit it.)

And I really, really, really like my pickup.

It's paid for. It works.

We have this agreement.

I don't complain about the dents on the outside and it keeps working.

Nothing fancy but it doesn't cost me a forture like some people do.

I've hauled furniture, people, hay, compost, boat parts, a boat, a boat trailer, and pups in that truck.

If an inanimate object could love me back?

That truck would.

The moment I saw it, I said, "There's the truck." It's lasted alot longer than anyone has had the right to expect it to. It's a good ole truck. I only hope that it lasts long enough for me to take it to The Mudbog.

At the river.

We understand each other.

(Just like all the other things on my Happy List.)

Yep these are definately on The Happy List.

from my Happy List


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