Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Happy List


The pups.

(and Atticus Finch)


My dogs have been with me through alot. They've listened to my troubles. Been hugged and fussed at.

(Rosie is looking at me at the moment and barking, "Outside! There's things to sniff and pee on!!! I named her after Rosie ODonnell. It just fit and still does.)

Each one of my dogs are different. Like humans in little furry animal suits.

They've put more smiles on my face than I can count.

Only Pup and WB have given me more.

Right now?

They're not happy.

The inside dogs need to go outside and the outside dogs need the kennels seen to.

Then I've got to go sort out the truck.

Move the flower pots.

Well there's stuff to be done and I'm fixing to get messy.

I have to get this done now because the dogs like laptime and that means I'll soon be covered in dog hair and slobber. They may smell like cedar chips so I'll be covered in that too but that's not the look I'll be going for this evening. Will need a bath before I fire up the truck and go to town.


Did I put going to town on my list?

How about the truck?

Or the Christmas wreath that I finally bought and put on the truck for Christmas?
I'll add more...

But life is calling...

You know for a disinherited, out of work, writer type person?

My Happy List is pretty good.

Lots' on this Happy List.

Thanks for the music favorite radio station. We might not know each other but you know what? We've sure been through alot.


You're just what I needed to hear.

Good nights sleep and up early.

I wouldn't have missed.

The Happy List


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