Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hey now.


Come on lemmie see you shake your tail feather.......

Hey now, how's it going?

Heard that today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year.

Can you imagine? If your birthday is today and you're maybe turning some mile stone like 50 and it's on the most depressing day?

Ah no. that's not going to work.

Yeah, I know that bad stuff is happening but I'm hear to tell you how to take the sad off the day.


Find something happy in the world and smile.

And then shake it like Frosty.

Yep dance.

We might have to go looking hard for a reason smile but it's there.

If you can't find it? Not to worry.

Do something nice for someone and then watch them smile.

Teach someone to dance.

Tell them a joke (even if it's lame it'll work.)

Give them a hug.

Then think about it. What you did caused someone to smile.

Or even better? Taught them to sing and dance through their troubles.

That's reason enough to smile.



PS So much trouble in the world. Austrailia to Arizona. Sometimes the best thing you can do is pray and then try to get the person sitting next to you to smile.


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