Monday, January 10, 2011

Dear Mother Nature,


Had enough of this cold weather.
I'm going on "island time".
Warm thoughts and warm hearts all round.



There is a reason why I live where I do.
While it's true that we can have our odd cold, nasty weather?

We try very hard not to make a habit of it.

Yes, I know that we need the rain and the cold temperatures. That makes for the flowers and less bugs,


This cold, icy nasty stuff that we're having now is just stupid.

The dogs are cold.
We're cold.
The heatpump is running all the time.

Yes, we have wooly socks, pajamas, sweaters, and blankets.
Yes, I've drawn the water and bought emergency supplies.

But come on. We already have to endure record heat during August, that's why there's no snow and nasty freezing cold in January.

The word is that at 6pm they closed the road because of an impending ice storm. That means an hour drive to the nearest town that is open.


It also means that we'll be here, all three of us tomorrow and one of us will be cranky.

You get three guesses who that's gonna be.

I've decided to take the day off and read my book (currently The House of Mirth) in piece. Then if it's possible I'm gonna eat chocolate and sleep. If it keeps up I'm bring the dogs to bed with me and we'll all have a nice snooze. Very much better than sleeping with heating pads or hot water bottles.

This is so stupid.

No gettting in the car and driving around to see how many trees fell over and no going to the dollar store to buy videos.




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  1. To the folks who read my blog in Germany and Russia. I am sorry for whining. I know that the winters where you live are much colder than ours. It's just too cold for me.

    (We aren't used to it and neither are the pups.)

    I can hear the bed squeeking upstairs. I'm tucking in.


    Writer Ann