Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Happy List


And while we're on the subject of clothes.

I am happy for my clothes.

The hiking/workboots that keep my feet warm and dry. The water proof gloves that keep my hands from looking chapped. The guys thermal shirts that keep me warm. The socks. The warm wooly pants and the bathrobe I got at the WalMart.

And while we're at it?

The polar blankets and the back pack too.

All those things that are "fashionable" here because it works.

Trust me. The thing you learn pretty quick is that being warm and comfortable trumps strappy shoes.

Unless of course the person is your idea of "fox" in that case the strappy shoes are a must.

I should add that there's no way I'm giving up the thermal shirts. Those guys who hunt are right besides with the right foundational garment? I can rock that shirt.


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