Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hello world.


Now this is pretty good.

Hello Gentle Readers who are reading this in other parts of the world. (Who knew?) Uhmm I'm hoping that you aren't having to translate this with something like an on line translater. It's hard enough to read the "country slang" for someone who lives in the US. I can't even imagine what Internet tranlater programs are showing.

Because I love to write poetry, please get someone to translate who is familiar with Southern slang.

Or even better?

You are welcome to comment here? I'd love to see the English translation of the poetry.

(Note: translation poetry from one language to another is a difficult thing. Take Haiku. Because of the problems with translations and the nature of Haiku? Haiku written in English vs Japanese can be completely different.

I was writing Haiku for a while and reading about the format. Haiku has a specific format for the poems subject and structure. That's problem enough but it also seems to be nuanced. The words are very powerful because the author must limit the number of words used present the idea. The words chosen are very specific to the image or sensation that the author is trying to express to the reader. Abstract ideas and feeling are whispered or shouted. The feeling of the wind on your cheek or the vision of a newly sprouted seed in the warm earth. It was difficult to choose the words but to have them handed to a machine to be translated???

Ah no.

The prose and the antidotal posts aren't so difficult to translate but the poetry, because I've worked to find those words which will show you the ephemeral emotion in my heart? Please find a human "heart" to translate the "human nature" of the poem.

Or ask me.

I'd be delighted to talk about it.

At the very least, I'll mark the posts were actual writing (rather than just prattle) is being posted.

Happy day and warm thought to you.


"What is this thing I hold here?
Neither living nor dead -
And yet?
It is radiant.
And bursting with an energy that is not seen with the eye
But felt with the heart.
Words like "peace" or "love"
"Hope" and "change"
Are like the wind.
Yet combined with "Faith"
They can move mountains."

Pup's Smile

by c ford

all rights reserved by the author.

I don't know how this poem translates but I think that the "feeling" is universal.

To me?

It's the promise of springtime on a cold winter's night.



  1. Re write.

    "What is this thing I hold dear?
    Like heat from the sun,
    It is radiant.
    Bursting with energy not seen with the eye
    It's felt with the human heart.
    Words like "peace" or "love"
    "Hope" and "change"
    Invisible wind.
    Yet combined with "Faith"
    It can move mountains."

    Pup's Smile

    by c ford
    all rights reserved by the author.

  2. I like this second version much better.

    This is one you'll want to ask about the translation. The concept isn't complex but the meaning might be blurred.

    Might go see what happens.



  3. Above poem translated into

    Ӏr vad detta ting som jag rymmer raring?
    Något liknande värmer från sunen,
    det är strålpunkten.
    Bristning med energi som inte sågs med syna som,
    den har, klädde med filt med människahjärtan.
    Uttrycker för något liknande”fred”, eller ”förälskelse”
    Ephemeral osynligt ”för hopp” och ”
    ” linda.
    Yet kombinerat med ”tro”
    kan det flyttningberg. ”,

    and then translated back into English:

    is what this thing that I holds raring?
    Some similar heats from sunen,
    it is strålpunkten.
    Rupture with energy that was not seen with inspect that,
    it has, dressed with felt with the people heart.
    Expresses for something similar” peace”, or” love”
    Ephemeral invisible” for hopes” and”
    ” linda.
    Yet combined with” believe”
    can that transfer mountain. ”,

    Not quite the same.

    What do you read?


  4. now to German

    „Was ist diese Sache, die ich lieb halte?
    Wie Hitze von der Sonne,
    ist es leuchtend.
    Bersten mit der Energie, die nicht mit dem Auge hat
    es gesehen wird, mit dem menschlichen Herzen geglaubt.
    Wörter wie „Frieden“ oder „der Liebe“
    ephemerer unsichtbarer Wind „der Hoffnung“ und

    Dennoch kombiniert mit „Glauben“
    kann es Berge verschieben. „

    and back to English:

    „Which is this thing, which dear I keep?
    Like heat of the sun,
    it is bright.
    Burst with the energy, which with the eye does not have
    it is seen, with the human heart believed.
    Words like „peace “or „the love “
    ephemerer invisible wind „hope “and

    change “.
    Nevertheless combined with „faith “
    it can shift mountains. „


  5. German translation is close to the English

    Let's try Portuguese

    Que é esta coisa que eu prendo caro?
    Como o calor do sol?
    É radiante.
    Estourar com a energia não vista com o olho
    sentiu com o coração humano.
    Palavras como “paz” ou de “mudança”
    do “amor” o vento invisível Ephemeral de “
    ” e.
    Contudo combinado com a “fé”
    pode mover montanhas. “

    and back to English?

    What is this thing that I arrest expensive?
    How the heat of the sun?
    It is radiating.
    To blow up with the energy seen with the eye
    did not feel with the human heart.
    Words as “peace” or of “change”
    of the “love” the invisible wind Ephemeral of “
    ” e.
    However combined with the “faith”
    it can move mountains. “

    Okay now, while I really like the emotional quality? This isn't close to the meaning in the English.

  6. I'm going out on a limb here and try Farsi

    "آنچه من در اينجا اين است?
    نه زيستن نه مرگ-و نه.
    تابناك‌ است.
    با چنان نيرو و شكوفان كه ديده نمى شوداما با چشم دل به قلب.
    كلماتي همچون "صلح" و "عشق" و"اميد" و "تغيير"مثل باد.
    هنوز نامرئي توأم با "ايمان"آنها می توانند كوهها.

    (WB is getting on to me for doing this. Actually he's telling me that it's not particularly fair that he's cooking and I'm not. The fact that he is a) a better cook and b) he's cooking chili which he definately better at than I am isn't really of much interest to him.)

    and back to English

    "What I have here is this?
    no living not death-and no.
    with such force and blooming operators had no authorisation could not be seen with his heart to heart.
    Words like "peace" and "love" and "Hope" and "change" Like wind.
    Still invisible combined with "faith" they can mountains.

    LOL this definately isn't like it's original English.


  7. One more

    how about French and Italian


    « Quelle est cette chose que je juge cher ?
    Comme la chaleur du soleil,
    il est radiant.
    Éclatement avec de l'énergie non vue avec l'oeil
    il s'est senti avec le coeur humain.
    Mots comme « paix » ou de « changement »
    de « amour » le vent invisible éphémère de «
    » et.
    Pourtant combiné avec la « foi »
    il peut déplacer des montagnes. «

    back to English?

    “Which is this thing which I judge expensive?
    Like the heat of the sun,
    it is radiant.
    Bursting with energy not seen with the eye
    it felt with the human heart.
    Words like “peace” or of “change”
    of “love” transitory invisible wind of “
    ” and.
    However combined with the “faith”
    it can move mountains. “

    Uh huh.

    And Italian?

    “Che cosa è questa cosa che giudico caro?
    Come calore dal sole,
    è radiante.
    Scoppiando con l'energia non vista con l'occhio
    ha ritenuto con il cuore umano.
    Parole come “pace„ o del cambiamento “di amore
    „ il vento invisibile effimero “e„

    “di speranza.
    Tuttavia unito con “fede„
    può spostare le montagne. “

    back to English

    That what is this thing that I judge beloved?
    Like heat from the sun,
    he is radiating.
    Bursting with the energy seen with the eye
    it has not thought with the human heart.
    Words like “peace „or of the change “of love
    „the ephemeral invisibile wind “and „

    “of hope.
    However joined with “faith „
    it can move mountains. “

    Better. Closer to the original.


  8. .

    This was fun.

    Will try more later.

    Gotta go before WB gets grumpy.

    (To myself

    Writing is a real job.
    Writing is a real job.
    Knowing how a writer's words are translated into other languages IS important.

    And writing is a real job.

    Gotta go.