Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Happy List


I know.

Haven't talked about the sailboat. It's there. Last night WB read Living Big On A Smallboat to me. Now I'm crazy happy about my boat but I'm not "boat crazy" and after all I was trying to find out why that one character was asking the other to pose nude for her. It was just getting interesting when he started reading outloud from the "living big" book.

I can't decide if he was trying to impart knowledge or just showing me that he was actually interested in the boat. It's been questionable in the past wheither he cared about it or not.

Anyway it was actually annoying.

So add my boat (WB to the list)

And Pup.

He can annoy me like nobodies bussiness but even then he's on the list.

That's a given.

For them?

The perfect song.

Cause they are .


So how's your "Happy List"?

What's on your list?


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