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Welcome to 12dotsandablot

A writer's journal.

Fact and fiction co exist here.

If you don't know which is which?

Do not ASSume.


Dear Internet Person(s) who have been reading my blog,

I've written this before on this blog but I'm thinking now that I should add it to the bottom of each post.

I'm a writer. This blog and the last one is a place to exercise my writer's voice. Some of the thing I write about and will continue to write about are true. But some of what I write is fiction. This isn't an Internet diary.


A few facts.

I don't write here to deceive people or try to get sympathy by telling a lie. My dad really did nearly die. Was on ventilators and in critical care. It was one of the more difficult times in my life. So I wrote about it.

I am working on a story called Winter Solstice. You'll see snippets of it here on the blog. I do this sometimes because an idea will turn up and I want to remember it. Other times I'm sitting with it a bit. I want to see if it's still worth reading.

While I used to write about politics in the old blog? I don't so much here. Do I pay attention to the political world? Yes, definitely. Like the weather, we are affected by the comings and going of our politicians. This year is a primary year. In November, we elect a president. I'm watching the early debates because there are usually candidates who don't make it to the finally elections. Just because they don't end up on the final ballot doesn't mean they aren't noteworthy. Howard Dean didn't make it out of the primaries but he did go on to very much mold the outcomes of future elections. I'd heard Barack Obama speak at the DNC before he was on the national ballot. He spoke at the DNC convention when John Kerry was the nominee. I watched the determination of the Hillary Clinton supporters during the Democrat primaries and then after.   I watched as people who truly believed in their candidate  finally have to give up when their choice lost. It wasn't easy for them  Especially difficult for the Howard Dean, John Edwards, and Hillary Clinton supporters to finally have to give in. I watched the Democrat primary because there were so many people running.

I have a feeling the same thing is happening in the Republican primaries so I'm watching them.

Politics is not something I over look. I just stopped writing about it. For me, it's a personal choice and the last primary got to be a mean, "say anything to get your person elected" brawl. I watched people who believed in their candidate be attacked and I watched people use slurs that were just wrong;  factually and ethically wrong. Around here? They call that mean. There was use of what we call the "N" word about people that we don't use here. I have friends who were grown during the Civil Rights era. That word cuts and hurts people. All to get a person elected. 

So I quit writing about politics but I didn't "drop out" nor am I hunkering down for the Mayan end of times. Nope. It's just that after one particularly hard hurricane, after watching folks here turn on the generators so that they could keep the stuff in the freezed frozen AND actually have aircondition when we were hot?  I kind of started thinking local. It's like the folks who live in Alaska have airplanes and snowmobiles. It may seem like a luxury if you're in NYC but in Alaska it's a necessary. So out here where we have storms the folks with chainsaws for farming? Use them for clearing the driveway and the road. They need to go see about the cows.  Last year when roads were blocked after the tornadoes? People got out the four wheel drives and the chain saws that they use the rest of the year and used them to clear the road.  Sorry not an "end of timer" or "preparing for economic colapse or weather chaos" .  I'm not into it. If you are that's your business but if you met us you'd not find that we were hording for the coming end time and there are definately no "manifestos" in my future.

That's a fact.

And here's another one. I will not feel guilty about the way I spend my money. I am very aware of what it's like to not have the money to spend. I'm not a spend thrift but if I want to leave a big tip for a waiter or waitress who's been extremely nice, if I want to give money to an artist who's living on peanut butter cause they aren't selling, or if I want to buy a flat screen tv (which by the way was on super dooper closeout sale)? I'm going to. I lived below my means for a long time. When banks tried to give us lots of money to buy a house? We said no because we knew we'd have to pay it back in an economy that didn't look so good.. My first job? I got my first paycheck at age 13. I didn't start the economic crisis but I can remember thinking that what was happening was a bad idea. I even wrote about the banking crisis and the economic activities in Washington DC before the bailout. So did others and it turns out we were right. How the government spends taxes? That's all of our business. But as to how I spend what money I have, that is my business.  So please go lecture somewhere else.

That is also a fact.

AND -- finally --

I've just got to say this.

I do not engage in relationships that come from the Internet. I really and truly don't. If I don't know you by talking to you face to face? I'm not going to engage in any relationship with you. For one? I'm not interested because I happen to be involved in a relationship. I don't think they'd be happy if I engaged in any other personal relationships.   For two? Gentle Readers, statistically?  I'm probably not your type; not your sexual orientation nor your biological orientation. If you met me? You might not think that I was sexy at all. So do not read this blog and think, "Oh I'd love to meet this disinherited, blog writer." While it is factually true that I was disinherited? You must ask, "Disinherited from what and why?"

 I'm going to write what I used to call the 12dogs disclaimer alot on my blog to remind readers that there's fiction here.

Fact and fiction folks.

Now I do like dogs, sailing, and Pup. That's true.

Just don't ASSume everything else written on this blog is true.

Not a good idea.

I'm not trying to lie to you. 

I am a fiction writer. Believe it or not to be a good fiction writer, you have to practice.

THAT is what this blog is all about.  Again? NOT a diary.

If you don't know us and you don't know what's true? If I write something that worries you?  Then use the comments and ask. Otherwise you could be worried over a story that I'm working on. A FICTION STORY.


There is one thing that is true. 

The fact is that I have responsibilities here and need to get to it. I talked to my mom and my family is okay.

Hope you have a good day. Gentle Readers.  Go help someone. Go for a walk. 


Author Ann


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  1. Sigh.

    I know that I don't usually write about politics in this blog, but I'm going to make the exception.

    If you haven't already, I would suggest finding a written copy of President Obama's 2012 State of the Union speach and also a copy of the minority rebutal. Read it, fact check, compare your own experiences with that talked about during the speech. Then, if you are able, listen to the speech with copy in hand. I know that it's time consuming but since President Obama is running for re election in November, think of it as preparation for the presidential election.

    You might also think of reading the minority rebutal as preparation for the 2016 presidential race. The minority leader who gives the rebutal speech was asked to run for president this year but declined. I think that he was worried that given all the problems in his party (Republicans) as well as the country that he might loose in 2012. I'm also thinking that he might be using the next 4 years to build support for a 2016 bid. LOL I know alot can happen but still - just for fun?