Wednesday, January 25, 2012


First a call to R Burns

At sunrise we begin.
The journey at times light but often not.
The craftsman measures the journey.
With skill honed with years of practice.
In earnest he builds his legacy.
Working to see
That at the end of the day his life is square with his brothers.
But at the end of the day all is not work.
For there in the twilight.
He lays down his tools of work.
And begins to sing of company and joy.
So sing and be merry this night.
Sing of a day well lived.
Drink a toast to the kindness of the days before.


A toast.


One look at you and I know for certain God exists.

For only an artist with divine talents could create.

Fair face.

Quick step.

A flash of eye and intellect that moves mountains with a brief wink.

Man crashes and thrashes about the Earth.

While you?

With one whisper, quiet the beast and humble him.

Iron wills in velvet.

We are blessed with your company.



Poem/toast two

Man, how does one tame the wind.

Civilizations rise with you might.

The sound of your fierce nature trembles in the mountains.

Blessed with your noble call.

We answer.


three toasts by c anne ford  25 Jan, 2012  in honor of  Robert Burns night.


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