Tuesday, January 24, 2012


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Sorry for the serious nature of the post.  These tornadoes have hit pretty close to home.

Family is fine. Talked to my mom. They're all okay.


The tornadoes that ripped through parts of Alabama this past weekend did cause another mess. Some of the areas that were hit this weekend were also hit during last April's storms. Like I pay attention to hurricanes, I pay attention to tornado season.  We live and have family who live in hurricane and tornado prone areas. We are well aware of what the tornado sirens sound like because we hear them. I know about evac routes and contra flow because we have family that have to evac when it's bad. So you learn.

Problem is that this years tornados are very, very early. 

Is it Global Warming? I don't know.  If you can help the folks who've been hit by this change, I hope you will. Many organizations are asking for money but there's other ways to help. There are clothing drives. There are blood drives. After the April storms, people who we know went to help and found out that the best thing they did was to listen. For some Alabamians this is the second year in a row that they've been hit with tornadoes. When it happens again? It's frightening. People can use a sympathetic ear to know that they aren't alone. They need to know that people do care about what they're going through. We aren't the only state that is experiencing weather problems. Texas and Californina have fires. There are hurricanes that have made it up the Eastern coast. You might not be there to help in the aftermath, but maybe if you Twitter to someone or pass along weather information that you see on your television that can help. Sending folks a hug helps. Just listening or chatting with someone on line can help. Weather reports and  shelters, you might hear about it on your news cast or read about it on the Internet before we do.

In the aftermath of any weather problem, information is very important.

Accurate information is as important as a monetary donation.

If you can help?  If you can Tweet to let others know about victims of the weather mess?  I hope that you will help. 

Please remember that the information must be accurate.



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  1. True story.

    We've had the "late into the night" tornado warnings and watches here. When that happens someone has to stay up until they are over. They need to listen so that they can wake the rest of the family. The rest of the family needs the sleep but someone does have to be awake. On those times, I've been lucky to have folks to chat with on the Internet. They've kept me awake. The next morning they checked to make sure that we were okay. I can't tell you how grateful I was for their kindness. That waiting is a lonely thing. Time seems to move slow because you are listening for any sound or the alarms that mean that you should take cover.

    You're awake, awake, awake, and then exhausted.

    That's why I wrote this post.

    You might not believe that something so small as passing the time with a person could be such a help.

    It is.

    Knowing that you aren't alone is a big help.