Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Ms. Burnside's Ode to a Stinky Rose

Ah love, you're like a big red nose.

On a clown.
(You are a nutter.)

Or maybe like that Brando scene.

The one with all the butter.

Big it is.

Your sorry azz.

What brays it's delusional song.

It brays and brays and brags it's length

While in fact it's short not long.

Oh I will sing a song my dear

Until the seas go dry

It's not the length nor breadth

My dear

It's the humor of the guy.


I love poetry.

Another Day In Denial - dise

tee hee

tee hee

oh woe

Is me

I think

That I

Should single be

For I have seen

The "promised land"

And I'll tell you ladies

It's ain't that grand.

I hear the tales.

Of length and breadth

That rival oceans.

Deep, deep depths.

But truly

Bring a microscope

If you're to have

Any hope

of seeing this

supposed wonder.

Heralded by all this thunder.

It's not that grand.

This boastful plunderer.

Please, don't blink.

Or you'll miss what's under.

c anne ford


for RBurns' night revels.



I hear that soon t'will be Valentine's Day or as I like to call it VD

And so?

An Ode to Valentine's Day

It tells us all.

How it pleases?

From what I hear?

It spreads diseases..


Note from Author Ann . What's not original is credited to the author. Any resemblance to you? We'll if there is I send my condolences to the  tiny tiny tiny spear that you carry around with you.  Nothing a sock and a good lie - I mean story -  won't cure.

Back out into the sunshine which I hear is good for disinfecting things.

Ah sunny day,

Oh sunny disposition.


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