Wednesday, January 25, 2012


"Growing old is such a bitter sweet complication of any life."


c anne ford




Dear Person from the UK who has been reading my blog this AM,

Just wondering if I might know you. If so?

If so? You speak French and can tell me what the heck this song is about. (LOL, and you'd probably think it was funny. :/ maybe not. sigh)

Do you mind saying something?

Like maybe, "Hello."

What part of the UK are you from.  Not complete geography idiot. Know that you could be from Ireland, Wales, Scotland, or England.

I'm delighted to have someone reading my blog from the UK and that you might have found the "ants" blog post. Not sure how you found it. Accident or devine intervention, each is an interesting road.

Anyway, hello, welcome, say something. I'd love to chat.


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