Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Few things are worse than being bored.

Let's see.

Ah so I was looking at the blog stats and there I saw that someone from the UK was reading my blog. Woke up this morning in such a sorry, sorry state. All self absorbed and weepy about my life. But then there it was someone reading my blog and then the blog was all a Twitter about it Being Robert Burns night tonight and what "party piece" by Mr. Burns will you be reciting tonight and well the person from the UK who read my blog was reading the blog post about the ants.

Which of course had Goody Two Shoes by Atom Ant as the song. (Stream of consciousness, for mercy's sake keep up)


Found this.

Like a dream, all the bits of unrelated flotsom and jetsum came alive


It goes like this.

Weepy over friend in Ireland which put me in a very sad mood. Gloom. Leads to blog where UK person is reading the post about Ants. I check the Tweets to find the quintessential now American Scot helpfully reminding us all that tonight is Burns night and do you have a poem for tonight. So of course, tonight being Robert Burns' night? I go looking for a poem but my mind being distracted by that Mind worm of a song Goody Two Shoes reminded me of Atom Ant which leads to this song which for some reason reminds me of a Robert Burns poem.

Mystery solved.

No longer weeping into my cereal.

Now mind is distracted and filled with joy at the idea of someone other than myself being in a tour bus for 7 whole hours listening to Robert Burns recitations.

I suggest Atom Ant.


(and yes, I did the run on sentences on purpose.)


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  1. There was that car trip from South Beach (Miami) to central Alabama. LOL Started making up songs and asking the toll booth operators if we could buy one of their shirts (Seriously , the toll both operators on the Florida turnpike have the most fantastic shirts. Alas must get a job with Florida Turnpike folks inorder to get shirt. Which could be a problem for a Slacker who lives in another state.) The only thing that got us through that trip was the sense of humor or the tollpike ladies and gentlemen and making up songs.
    Really loud songs.

    By the time we got to Alabama? I think that we were shouting the lyrics.