Sunday, January 22, 2012


Good morning!

Boy, do I feel better this morning.

Did I get re-inherited? Don't think so.

Did I get a free ticket to the CF show? Nope.

So why would I be so very chipper this AM?


Oh no, not the Newt, Mitt, and Santorum hour. Nah.

This is better.

Take a look.

Wait, hold on. First shoo the kiddies from the room and THEN take a look...

Love the smirk on the anchor peoples face when they anounce the vid. LOL You can just hear them thinking, "Smucks, shouda let us in the court room to report. Now let's see --" LOL I'm sorry can't type now. Too busy laughing and thinking, "Good gravey what this could do for the Bingo trial down here in the sticks. We loooove a good spectical. Especial one where a politician is on the record saying about hookers and herpes. Sorry laughing again.

"If I got herpes I'm gonna drink out of everybodies cup...."

(The puppet hand patting the hooker's hooters after stuffing money in her cleavage is a nice touch.)

LOL. It's so worth the visit to Youtube.

God bless you Youtube.

God bless the First Ammendment.

I feel soooo much better.


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