Friday, January 27, 2012


You have a choice.
You can look forward into your life.
You can look into the future.
You can shed the past sadness like a heavy coat.
You can cling to it and hide within it.

Now on a cold day?
Hiding warm and safe in that coat is good.
But on a sunny day like today?
Why would you hide in that sweaty, scratchy, uncomfortable existance?
It's sunny.
Look at the faces offering hugs.
How will they hug you?
They'd try because they love you but would you ask them that?
Shed that dark coat and walk barefooted.

c anne ford

I was remembering.

I'm watching that Lorax movie. I don't care if someone tells me it's not cool. I don't care.
Betty White is in this movie.
Of course I'll go see it.


12 dots disclaimer.

This is 12 dots and a blot.
It's a writer's journal.
Fact and fiction co exist here.
If you don't know which is which?
Do not ASSume.

The Author of this blog.

I once extracted one word from 5 separate factual occurances, mixed them together, and wrote a completely new sentence unrelated to any of the factual. So please, don't ASSume. Ask.



  1. Hurray. It was dark this time last month. Now I can see outside.

    I was remembering. This Christmas was awful. We'd all been sick for three weeks. Even with that, there was still hope. Then the dog got sick and it was vets, vets, vets, and sad. I had such reaction and didn't know why.
    Today I was surfing the web and found two people talking about grief and closure. One of them said, this isn't a situation where you have closure. This is your life. You're not supposed to close off someone who you loved. You grasp hold of the visible and invisible that they existed. Then you buck up and go on. I started to cry. Pup came in and asked if I needed a hug. I'd told him along time ago that the best thing oould do for someone, sometimes the only thing you could do, is hug a person's neck. Ask first but if it's okay they'll say so. Sometimes they won't.

    I was crying because this Christmas was one I'd been looking forward to. For along time after my son's death I didn't really laugh. The first time I did laugh, it felt so good and then? I stopped. "How can you laugh? Your son is dead."

    I have learned that this is a natural transition. We live in the world that does really go on. There are times when the pain comes at you but with enough time it softens. You laugh. Something in your heart says,"Enough."

    There are days, even after all this time when I'll cry much harder at a sad movie or when something happens. On those days, when society deems it acceptable to cry, I cry for my son too. Then Pup will ask me if I need a hug. I'll look at him like I did today and gladly say, "Yes, I would."



    I think that this is the youtube link to "Don't Let Me Down" by the Beatles.


  3. .

    Should be Across the Universe by the Beatles.

    Why or why can't I post videos in the comments.



  4. And this?

    It Should be a series of songs from the Beatles album Abby Road

    SunKing, Mean Mr. Mustard, Polyethylene Pam, and She Came in Though the Bathroom Window.

    If I can't find it? Next would be Golden Slumbers also on Abby Road

    I know that people reach a point where they loose what's culturally new and hide out in the past but that's not what this is.

    I'm just delighted that this holds up.


  5. Then, then, then, lemmie think,

    Once There Was A Way to Get Back Home.

    The Beatles.