Monday, January 23, 2012

Please note. If Mr. Adkins or his representative didn't have anything to do with my blog posts being blocked? I'll happily post his songs on my blog. I really and truly do love his music. Especially fond of And she thinks we're just fishing song. LOL If only my dad had done that.  I'm hoping that I'm wrong but if now and until them?

 I will no longer be posting Trace Adkins' music on my blog.

You cannot imagine how sad this makes me.

I've been a real fan of Mr. Adkins' music. Always thought it was decent and sent a really positive, but not preachy,  message to the world about life and family.  So if it was possible for me to include it? I did happily. I didn't get any financial gain from doing so AND I always gave credit and used the original music. No covers for his work.

I love music. It's a part of my world and I'm happy to include it with my blog posts. As a writer, I know the importance of not taking credit for other folks work. If Mr, Adkins didn't want folks to post his songs on YouTube or on the blogs he simply sent a notice and guess what? The video posted a message and that was it. Instead the entire blog post was blocked even after I removed the video. A reader couldn't see the comments nor comment. This meant that not only were my words censored but so were others who would read and comment. Maybe folks who would say really great things about Mr. Adkins' music (free publicity from fans).

It's one thing to block the video but when you block a persons' blog post so that their original words can't be seen as well?  When you prevent folks from commenting on my work or reading the comments of others?

You are censoring work that doesn't belong to you.

That's not right.

This is a recent occurrence and wouldn't be surprised if it were someone trying to make a point about the recent legislation that would have censored the Internet.

All you've done is taken a writer's original work and censored it.

I've been working very hard to write something that folks would want to read. Like many new writers, I'm trying desperately to get readership.  Now how will the writer's agent or the reader see my words if you've blocked them? These are my words you have no right to block them.

I'm not giving any publicity to gorilla tactics or ass holes. Yes, I said it. Ass holes.

I am going to say feck it.

It's been a crap year. Instead of making a political statement? You've just made it crappier for someone who just didn't need it. Especially not today when I was worried sick that my elderly parents might have been hurt in the tornadoes that flew through Alabama. Thanks alot.

Whoo hoo.

Signed the author and creator of 12dotsandablot.


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