Monday, January 23, 2012


Before you read one more word, please, click the video and listen while you read. Thanks, Ann

No, I didn't get to go see the Craig Ferguson concert.


I bought a big screen tv.

I got to thinking about it. For not much more than the cost of tickets, gas, meals, miles to the car, and the weather which might mean having to stay over night? I got dinner, a big screen tv, made WB and Pup VERY happy, and I got WB to agree to being responsible for cooking dinner and NOT washing clothes.

Sounds not so good but trust me, it is. I don't like planning and cooking dinner and WB does a horrific job washing clothes.  For us to continue  doing these activities causes us all kinds of stress.

So we are NOT going to continue doing this anymore.

And did I mention? We bought a big screen tv which makes both of us very happy.

True, Tv's Craig Ferguson would have me laughing tonight. But only me. WB and Pup aren't fans. I'd have to go alone and  I'd have to come back home alone through really bad weather. Back to where nothing was changing. I'd have been  really pizzed off at the spots in the laundry while trying to figure out what to cook for supper night after night.

Now no longer my problem.

New problem?

Trying to figure out where to put the tv. I'm good with that.

Plus tonight (it's now Monday) when they have the Presidential debate on NBC and they ask Newt G about his exwife? I can watch it in all it's 1080p, hooked up to the PS3, and HDtv glory while I'm nibbling on pizza that I didn't cook and folding towels so soft and clean - well it's good.

Then I'm gonna find a copy of something lovely.


Because I love musicals...


Again because I love musicals and Barbra Streisand.

Or even

Because the only thing I like more than musicals and Barbra Streisand?

This song from Funny Girl.

Nope, I don't care if probably didn't happen. I just love the whole song (and movie).

Or because it's big screen and great sound?

This one

Because no one really knows for sure until that moment when they leave this world...

LOL I'm an optimistic pessimist romantic with pragmatic tendencies.

All on my great big color HDTV, 1080 pixels, connectivity to the computer or PS3 for streaming or playing video games, or looking up a politician's nose.during a debate television all while NOT having to plan or cook dinner or pay 13 dollars plus drinks and pop corn and gas.

That is not something that I could do after going to see TV's Craig Ferguson.


(This is a long post.)

As you may remember, I tried something alittle different.

The Zen Happiness Experiment worked much better than expected.

Have decided to try a year of it.

The experiment.

Step one.

The "to do" list for this year.

No more "to do" lists only an "already done it" list. This year? I'm only doing what feels right or that puts a smile on my face.

If it doesn't feel right? Not doing it.

I'm clearing the decks of all the things that have caused my stress level to spike.

No more (LOL) "volunteering" to do kitchen duty or race duty. When you get the other people on the membership roster to actually do kitchen duty or race duty? Give me a call or pay us for the work. Until then? I'm very very very busy.breathing until next December.

LOL @ the timid comment. I think that you actually have to sail with a person before you can know how they'll sail.

I feel ever so much better. Sorry this isn't for venting but I do feel better.

"But wait," you might be thinking, "What about fencing? You were complaining how it made you ache? Are you going to quit?"

Nope, because every time I go to class? I learn more about an activity that makes my son happy.

And? I'm glad to learn something new. It's a pretty cool thing to put on a "already done list". Plus, I'm meeting some really nice people. I'm involved in Pup's life. It's good.  Plus it's alot different than the sailing. Alot. These guys are working hard each week to teach us how to fence. That's not just a one day thing or a "throw a person in the water to teach them to swim" thing. I might not be able to do all the moves in fencing but it won't be from lack of trying or teaching.

More later.

Like the the first Zen Happiness Experiment, I'll keep a record of what happens here.

Hugs, Newt. I don't think that I'd have thought of this without meeting you. Really and truly miss hearing about you and Lexi.

I hope that you're both happy.



  1. First addition to the Zen Happiness Experiment v 2.0?

    Bought a big screen tv, went out to eat with WB, and didn't have to come home by myself in the rain with impending tornado reports.

    Told folks who've not be at all friendly that I'm busy until December 2012. LOL, and NO that is NOT volunteering. Helping in a soup kitchen? That's volunteering. Providing free kitchen and race duty so that you can show up if you feel like it? Not volunteering.

    No more trying to find a replacement nor asking WB to come chaperon. He doesn't want to.

    LOL, I feel ever so much better now.


    When the main sewer line clogged? I handled the situation. Have absolutely no interest in becoming a plumber but I did handle it. Very empowering and I have a real appreciation for what plumbers do.

    What's next?

    You'll have to come back and see. Remember no "to do" lists.

    (Which is alot scary but kind of exciting.)

    I'll try to keep it on this post in the comments.






  2. Added to the "already done list"


    I took a nap and then? Watched President Obama's State of the Union speech and then the rebutal from the minority.

    No matter how pretty the speech? The devil is ALWAYS in the details.

    Off to bed. Apparently I have had a sleep deficit. It's "Early to bed. Early to rise." not "Late to bed. Early to rise."

    Billy was right. If you are tired? Take a nap.

    So I did.

    LOL, you might not think it earthshaking but it was really a good idea.



  3. PS. I've been looking at my blog stats and it's kind of weird.

    I can't help who reads my blog but I can help what I write.

    I write in public and try to write what I think.

    Welcome but please don't expect to always agree with me.

    Who are you and why in the world would you be reading this blog?

    All comments are welcome.


  4. Yesterday I cleaned kennels with Pup in the AM and then did work on the drive. Still have more to do but it's nice to look at the results.

    Showed SB where the door was.