Friday, January 27, 2012

Soon will be Valentine's Day.

That holiday started by an old man giving gifts to someone much, much younger that he was.

I like to call it VD.

Now as said in previous post, I normally hide out in my Valentine's Day hurricane hole until all the sappy stories are over.

This year?

Trying something different.

Writing poetry.

Like this (tee hee)

My love,

Your lips are like two red hemorrhoids.

Whenever you do pout.

Which would explain the excrement

That come from out your mouth.

Your hair?

The shade of new mown hay.

'Cause you pissed your colorist off.

When you said he sounded

Like some two bit hooker with a hacking cough.

So here for you this Valentine's gift.

A tube of  hemorrhoid cream.

Next time be nice to others.

Don't be so fecking mean.


c anne ford

My English teacher is going to be so proud.



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