Thursday, January 26, 2012


It rained.
And it rained.
And then it rained some more.
The wind blew.
And it blew.
And then it blew some more.

In other words it was NOT a sunny day.

The dogs spent today growling.
They growled at each other.
They growled to them selves for no reason.

Pup tells me that he's under the weather in more ways than one.
WB arrives to say that he feels same.
The dogs growl some more.

With one or two more things to do?
I plan to turn on the tv and watch the Big Bang Theory.
Then it's out in the rain with condolences to the pup who has to go back out in the kennel.
Clean water for the chickens.
(I think putting out the water at night works better. This morning he tried to gore me with his chicken feet again.)
Check their food while he roasts - I mean - roosts.

Let the dogs run.
(While humming "Let The River Run" by Carly Simon)

Wash their bowls.
Make sure that the kennel is okay.

Pat the now unhappy pup on the head.

Go inside.

Hope that there is hot water.
(WB has decided to wash towels.)

Wash my hair and take a bath.

Go to sleep.

Ah and thank God that we only had wind and rain and that I met a really nice person this morning.

Sunshine during a hail storm meeting that man.

Hope that  you have had, at the very least, and interesting day.

Good night.



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