Monday, January 23, 2012


First off prayers to the folks  who lost loved ones in today's and yesterday's storms. Hugs to the folks in Arkasas, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, and especially in Alabama where there's been deaths reported. After last year,  those tornado warning sirens make us all jumpy.

Relatives okay.

Animals okay.

I'm okay but really tired. Rain's stopped here and the temperature is dropping from the fitful hot to unusually warm. We've been sleeping with the AC for last couple of nights. It's January. The ground is saturated with water. I'm praying that there's no more big wind or we'll start having trees falling. The last two January have had unusally cold weather.  Now it's freakishly hot. We can see Orion in it's Winter sky but the trees and plants are blooming like it's March or even April.  It's way too early for tornado season but I'm pretty sure that this isn't the global warming politicians keep talking about.

LOL, no I'm not some weather expert. I just know to do what that pilot told me to do along time ago. "Wanna' know what the weather is gonna be? Look out the window."

Right now the view from my window is wet, wet, wet but at least the wind isn't kicking up and the temperature is getting cooler. Maybe Mother Nature's hot flash is over for the day. Hope so.


Hope you're okay too, Gentle Reader.

Guess tornado season has started here in the South. Again. Hugs to folks in Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama (2 deaths), and now Georgia.

At least hurricanes give you more than a two minute warning.

Tornadoes just fall from the heavens.



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  1. Sun is out.

    Appreciation for sunshine after long night added to already done list.