Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Politics free post. No agendas.

As I've already mentioned, I'm a writer.  I like to write poetry and short story fiction.

There are so many different ways to tell a story.

I used to chat with a writer who's style was very much different than mine but good. Funny. She liked my stories. I liked hers.

Kind of like relationships, sometimes the people who are the most opposite can forge a relationship stronger than those who are the same.

She was one of the few people who made a promise to me and kept it.

And for a while she gave me a virtual place to be at a time when I really did need some notion of promises kept and kindness. I'm grateful to her.

Even though it would be a long shot that she would see this, I'm going to have faith that she will come across it someday and know how much our brief friendship meant to me. The idea that there are nice people in the world, that in their heart of hearts they are kind, keeps hope alive.

I'm keeping the light on thevirtual front porch on for you. There's food in the fridge and I've made a place for you to sleep. When you wake? There will be stories and a cup of coffee to share. Hugs.

Politics in the next post. I hope that you'll take the time to read the State of the Union speech. The president talked about alot of stuff so it might take a bit to absorb it all. Then please read the minority speech too.

Somewhere in all these words, I'm hoping that there is an answer for the problems that our country is having.

Keeping the faith and actually optimistic.  No matter how different our solutions may seem, there is an answer for us all.

Honestly proud to be an American.



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